Easley Fixed Designs Official Website

Welcome to our official website!

We have been hard at work adding new content and features to the website for the last two weeks.

Check out the templates list! Well over a dozen to be found so far, and many more are to be added

If you need to instantly get in touch with us, please use the LIVE CHAT tab on the side of the page

However, contact form is NOW online! If you would like to contact us for services or a quote, please don't hesitate.
If you find a better deal elsewhere, just tell us about it and we will review and see if we can beat their prices.
But from the research we have done we should be very competitive to other companies in this field,
and our turn around time sound be fairly quick. However, do not use the contact form for spam or solicitations, we are not interested in that.
We would just like to hear from potential customers at this time, thank you !

There has been much Progress being made on the website every single day


You can except to see updates each time you visit our website. It is constantly in flux. We are literally adding new code and updating pages on a daily basis.

We are reworking all existing pages to make sure they are responsive designs.
This means that although they look best on a computer screen, they will also display properly on a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and serving the broader internet, let Easley Fixed do some web design work for you today!